A Covenant for COVID-19

Covenant is pivoting our direction, as COVID-19 has reached extensive community transmission. Read more.
Covenant. noun. an agreement
…between an individual and the health system, that:
– the individual will act responsibly to control the spread of the pandemic
– the health care professional and the administrator will protect the health, privacy and safety of the individual

Covenant is a quarantine management system for COVID-19. It is made of two parts:

  1. A mobile application for patients or their contacts placed under home quarantine or home isolation by public health/health care professionals or those who decide by themselves to stay at home and monitor their health.
  2. A web-based dashboard for public health professionals to monitor the location and health of patients and their contacts who are placed under quarantine.

Here is a 2-page overview of Covenant functionality, workflow and benefits for both decision makers and contributors in PDF format.

Covenant is open source software under Apache License v2. The source code is hosted on our GitHub site. We will host it on data centers within the boundaries of each country whenever possible.

We are a team of medical informatics, health care and technology professionals from around the world, committed to improving health care using technology. We are seeking partnerships with public health and government agencies worldwide. Please contact us at help [at] covn [dot] org

If you are an expert in the following areas, we can benefit from your help.

  • Security and privacy experts to perform independent audits of the system for security practices and privacy regulations (US HIPAA, EU GDPR, India, etc.)
  • Managing hosting of high performance applications, cloud/server security, scaling applications to millions of mobile users.
  • GPS and cellular location services, counter measures against location spoofing.
  • Very soon, we will need testers, documentation writers and possibly OAuth2/HL7 interface engineers too.
  • Translators to translate the app user interface text and audio into multiple human languages, prioritized based on the governments that adopt the system.

Here are specific technologies that we are working with:

  • Mobile app: Flutter for Android and iOS
  • Web dashboard: Vue.js
  • Back-end: Java/PostgreSQL based on the needs of the governments that adopt our system. We many revisit Firebase (used for initial proof of concept) or other technologies later.
  • Interfaces between front-end and back-end are through REST APIs.

Please contact us at help [at] covn [dot] org if you want to volunteer your expertise. The first release is a volunteer, pro-bono effort. We may be able to compensate you if we receive government funding for future releases.